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The Judiciary includes the Supreme Court, Provincial High Courts, and other lower courts exercising civil and criminal jurisdiction. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is appointed by the President; the other Supreme Court judges also appointed by the President in consultation with the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court shall remain in the office until the age of sixty-five. The Supreme Court is original appellate and final judicial body.

Judges of the Provincial High Courts are appointed by the President after consultation with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, as well as the Governor of the Province and the respective Chief Justice of the High Courts to which the appointment is being made. High courts have original and appellate jurisdiction.

There is also a Federal Shariat Court comprising eight Muslim Judges, including a Chief Justice appointed by the President.

In addition, there are special courts and tribunals to deal with specific kinds of cases, such as Commercial Courts, Labour Courts, an Insurance Appellate Tribunal, an Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Special Courts for Bank offences etc. There are also special courts to try terrorists. Appeals from special courts go to High Courts except for Labour and Traffic Courts, which have their own forums for appeal. Appeals from the tribunals go to the Supreme Court.

A further feature of the judicial system is the office of Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman), which is provided in the constitution. Appointed by the President, the Mohtasib holds office for four years; the term cannot be extended or renewed. The Mohtasib's purpose is to institutionalize a system for enforcing administrative accountability, through investigating and rectifying any injustice done to a person through maladministration by a federal agency or a federal government official. The Mohtasib is empowered to award compensation to those who have suffered loss or damage as a result of maladministration.
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